Group Watercolour Workshops

2 - 4 people

Grab some friends or a creative group of peers and get involved in a collaborative watercolour workshop. Happiness is best when shared so find your creative side, have a laugh and gain many watercolour techniques through this workshop experience.


These workshops cater to groups that wish to enhance their skills or simply learn the basics of watercolour painting.

Beginner package: 2-4 People $65.00 AU (per person)

  • 3 hour workshop.

  • Initial orientation to watercolours and equipment.

  • Basic construction of a landscape or seascape painting. 

Painting package: $120.00 AU (per person)

  • 3 hour workshop.

  • Exploration of watercolour techniques, equipment choice and fine details.

  • Construction of a personal landscape or seascape painting of your own authentic photo.

* Your photograph must be a landscape, seascape or cityscape.

*The painting that Matthew paints for you may be bought upon request.

© 2015 Matthew Pepi @Foreverwegrow. 

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