Personal Watercolour Workshops

The personal watercolour workshops offer an intimate experience with one-on-one mentoring through your first watercolour experience.


These workshops cater to individuals that wish to work on watercolour paintings and improve their painting skills. Take your time and construct a painting with Matthew's mentoring through a variety of workshop packages.

Beginner package: $70.00 AU

  • 3 hour workshop.

  • Initial orientation to watercolours and equipment.

  • Basic construction of a landscape or seascape painting. 

Personal painting package: $130.00 AU 

Matthew paints a photograph of your choice prior to the workshop.

  • 3 hour workshop.

  • Exploration of watercolour techniques, equipment choice and fine art detailing.

  • Construction of a personal landscape or seascape painting of your own authentic photo. 

* Your photograph must be a landscape, seascape or cityscape.

* The painting that Matthew paints may be bought upon request.

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