Four Quintessentials
50 X 40cm

House in Yarra Valley

$260.00 AU
Kicking Back
50 X 40cm

$380.00 AU (SOLD)
One Dream One Droplet
20X22 cm

$120.00 AU
Chasing Warmth

$70.00 AU
A Suns Touch 27X22cm

$120.00 AU
Flying High
11X22 cm
Transparency- Bringing light to life - Original photo captured gorgeously by _dyl_keegs #foreverwegr
30 X 30 cm

$140.00 AU (SOLD)
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"I have had the pleasure of purchasing three pieces of art from Matt, one for me personally and two more as gifts. The amount of detail and beauty he can instil into his art is outstanding, so much so that the two paintings I gifted resulted in tears of joy from the receivers. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to capture a moment with authenticity and emotion. His depth in professionalism allowed him to use three different sources to produce three equally stunning pieces of art. I am sure I will be approaching Matt again in the future for more art!".

Client 2017.

Watercolour Landscape


© 2015 Matthew Pepi @Foreverwegrow. 

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